CSS’s Neighborhood Hygiene Station

The Reboot Station has closed for the winter and will reopen in early spring.

Community Supported Shelter’s hygiene station is grouped with a Microsite of six Conestoga Huts occupied by people all working toward a higher quality of life for themselves. Three of the seven residents are paid, part-time employees helping with showers and meals.

At this point, the ReBoot Station is open for three hours per day, three days a week and provides an average of 50 to 70 showers per week

  • Where: 1845 West 11th, Eugene
  • When: Wed, Th, Fri from 1pm to 4pm

Here’s how it all works in a nutshell:

Up to eight people wishing to use the shower wait under a 200-square foot canopy tent outside the hygiene station. There are eight chairs spaced roughly six feet apart. Four people are admitted into the station at a time.

After being admitted, a guest washes their hands and checks in. They can get hygiene supplies (razors, feminine hygiene products, toothpaste & brushes, etc.) or new underwear or socks to go along with getting clean.

While people wait at a tent inside the station for a shower (with four socially distanced chairs), they receive a warm nutritious meal and can go through the donated clothes.

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