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Due to public health concerns, we have temporarily suspended walk-in crisis. Phone services will still be available to the community 24/7 at 541-687-4000 / 1-800-422-7558. CAHOOTS will continue to provide responses in Eugene and Springfield, and additional precautions are being taken to prevent disease transmission.

Crisis Services

Who We Are

We are Lane County’s primary, 24/7, free crisis intervention service. For over 50 years, we have been offering immediate, short-term support. Our trained counselors have both a deep ability to empathize with clients, as well as extensive knowledge of local resources that are appropriate to provide ongoing care.

What is a Crisis?
A crisis is defined personally by each individual who reaches out to us. It can be a difficult or dangerous time, but it is also an opportunity for change. Anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, identity issues, abuse, interpersonal conflict, and other external or internal factors can contribute to a time of crisis.

If you find your ability to access your own resources is compromised by a crisis event, please reach out to us.

Services We Provide

Crisis Intervention
We offer humanistic, person-centered crisis intervention. Our Counselors can help you explore your thoughts and feelings, clarify issues and needs, and provide you with alternative perspectives through active listening. We support you by helping you find ways to emotionally and practically recover from the crisis.

Special Transportation Services
We facilitate free taxi rides for clients with significant mental health-related disabilities. You must first apply and be approved for this program before receiving any assistance.

Information and Referral
We provide details on local resources and how to access them.

15th Night
Our Crisis Line is the after-hours point of contact for this community-wide partnership focusing on the safety and well-being of vulnerable local youth. Over 300 students in the Bethel-Eugene 4J school district lack parents or guardians who support them and must navigate school and life without a permanent place to spend the night. We assist in locating and leveraging existing community resources in order to meet their needs. Read more about 15th Night…

Mobile Assistance
If you need mobile assistance, call the non-emergency dispatch and ask them for CAHOOTS.
Eugene: (541) 682-5111
Springfield: (541) 726-3714

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Location: 990 W 7th Ave, Eugene OR 97401
Phone: 541-687-4000 / 1-800-422-7558
Fax: 541-342-7987

For our 24/7 CAHOOTS mobile crisis services, call the police non-emergency numbers 541-726-3714 (Springfield) and 541-682-5111 (Eugene).


Fees: No
ADA Accessible: Yes
Appointment: No
Childcare: No
Eligibility: Anyone in crisis or mentally ill.

Contact: General Inquiry Contact Form