White Bird Statement of Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

White Bird Clinic was founded 50 years ago as an alternative for those who were alienated and disenfranchised by the dominant culture. We are outraged that half a century later there is still a lack of equality, justice, and freedom across our country. We recognize our privilege and our responsibility to employ that privilege to dismantle the racist systems, policies, and attitudes that contributed to the brutal and tragic deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and too many others before them.

As a collective, we uphold the principle that the revolution against institutional racism and genocidal violence is not contingent on what is convenient for the white community. We will begin the fight by looking within to identify all policies and practices that are rooted in racism and excise them. We will insist that our work lives up to our values and be grounded in racial equity. We will battle the systematic oppression that subjugates people of color. White Bird Clinic stands with Black Lives Matter. We see you. We reject the institutions that oppress you. We honor your voices. We act with you.

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