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Are you looking for COVID-19 community resources? Visit this link or choose from a topic below:

Are you looking for our Crisis line? Contact us at 541-687-4000 or 1-800-422-7558.

Are you looking for CAHOOTS? To access CAHOOTS services, call police non-emergency numbers:

  • 541-682-5111 (Eugene)
  • 541-726-3714 (Springfield)

Are you in crisis?

A crisis is defined personally by each individual who reaches out to White Bird Clinic. It can be a difficult or dangerous time, but it is also an opportunity for change. Anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, identity issues, abuse, interpersonal conflict, and other external or internal factors can contribute to a time of crisis. If you find your ability to access your own resources is compromised by a crisis event, please reach out to us on our 24/7 crisis line at 541-687-4000 or 1-800-422-7558 or see the emergency crisis lines page to locate resources.

Are you looking for help in an area of need?

White Bird Clinic has published a human services resource guide called the “Help Book” since the 1980’s. It contains a comprehensive listing of resources of people seeking health and housing resources, financial assistance, shelter, food pantries and meal sites, and help to meet other basic needs. It helps people navigate the system.

This year, the publication has been updated and will be released in a paper booklet available to the community beginning in February 2020. We are piloting a run of 5,000 copies and will be able to distribute it free of charge thanks to contributions from Lane County Health and Human Services, the City of Eugene, Sponsors, Community Supported Shelter, HIV Alliance, and Eugene Mennonite Church.

While we are working to update this information online in an accessible format, the document is available online here in PDF format.

Check the general categories in our Table of Contents to find the one your need best fits (like “Health” or “Housing”).  Then see if you can find your need under that category.

The Little Help Book 


The Little Help Book PDF (630 KB)

In The News

Please contact us at with any errors or omissions as well as ideas for making this book better.

The Big Help Book 

We are still accepting orders for the 2018 edition of the provider edition of the Help Book with binders or as inserts. Click here to purchase.


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