Deescalation and Client Centered Communication

At White Bird, we follow a client centered model and believe that each person deserves respect for his or her process. Our role is to be available to help out where we can, with the least intervention necessary to facilitate a healthy and safe process for everyone. Our basic communication and de-escalation trainings provide an overview of skills and assessment so that a lay-person (not trained in medicine or crisis intervention) can maintain personal safety and recognize when someone might need care. We will go over:

  • Basic interpersonal communication skills with a humanistic/person centered approach.
  • Basic crisis intervention and de-escalation tips and techniques.
  • Physical safety and scene assessment.
  • Basic physical assessment of a person.
  • General self-care and maintaining healthy boundaries in difficult situations.
  • Your questions and concerns specific to your agency, business, or community.

We have offered this training throughout Lane County and Oregon. Groups that have benefited from our presentations include local schools, churches, social service agencies, local businesses, police departments, EMS and first responder groups, and many others. We have a busy schedule so please reach out to us a month or more out to set up a training for your group.