New Volunteer Training (NVT) is an 8-week course designed to orient participants to White Bird Services,  to services available in Lane County, and to the basic skills necessary to be a volunteer at the Bird.

Participants will be trained as Front Desk Receptionist, where they will learn to operate a multi-line business phone, make appointments for White Bird services, provide information and referrals to the public, and triage other calls and walk-ins as needed (including crisis situations).

The training includes: general history of White Bird, presentations from each of the programs that make up the Clinic, a communication workshop, how to access other community resources, developing skills that are helpful for human services providers, and integration into this collective.  In addition to the classes, participants will do 3-½ hours/week on-the-job training with a trained receptionist (a total of 6-7 hours/week).

This training is the entry point for all those interested in volunteering at White Bird and is a prerequisite for other trainings offered by the Clinic.


  • Class attendance on Wednesday evenings from 6-9 for 8 weeks
  • One desk shift (as a greeter) per week, starting after your second class (shifts are 3.5 hours long)
  • Get desk trained (checked off by two trained staff)
  • An energy exchange of 10 desk shifts after you become desk trained.

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