Standing by to respond to post-elections harassment &/ hate crimes

White Bird Clinic signed the Western States Center’s pledge to pressure Oregon politicians to stand against White Supremacist Hate Crimes this election season. We want to do everything we can to uphold that commitment including being available for you and your community if you’re facing post-elections harassment &/ hate crimes. We know this is a critical time to stand with communities being targeted to prevent and respond to violence.

Call our mobile crisis unit, CAHOOTS, and a crisis worker and a medic will come to wherever you are. We can offer support and connect you to resources. We are dispatched through the non-emergency line and if there’s no longer any threat of violence and you want just CAHOOTS to come, you can request counseling. You can also request that we come with police if there’s still a threat. We have bilingual staff and access to a translation app.

Non-emergency dispatch numbers:

  • Eugene: 541-682-5111    
  • Springfield: 541-726-3714

24/7 emergency crisis support:

The White Bird Crisis Line is 24/7 phone line that operates 365 days per year. We provide emotional support and resources to people during and after crisis. We can help you problem solve, access CAHOOTS or other emergency services, and find ways to practically and emotionally recover from the crisis. We have a phone translation service that can translate our calls into 225 languages.

  • Call any hour of the day or night! 541-687-4000

Additionally, please reach out with any further suggestions and ideas for how we can be most helpful in these times. You can respond to whoever reached out or email bcarnine@whitebirdclinic.org

Let’s do everything we can to keep each other safe and ensure every ballot is counted!

CAHOOTS and Crisis Teams

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