Interim CAHOOTS Communications Coordinator

Three years’ experience in social services with at least one year’s experience in a White Bird program preferred. Proficiency in word processing and database applications.

Also Desired:
-Experience with field-based social services.
-Knowledgeable of local social service providers and public safety and communications agencies.
-Financial skills including budgeting.


  1. Coordinate with the CAHOOTS team to create messaging with the public.
  2. Represent CAHOOTS in media requests or delegate to appropriate team members.
  3. Coordinate with White Bird Communications Department regarding external communication and public representation of CAHOOTS programs.
  4. Build and maintain professional relationships with the Police Departments, Fire/EMS, dispatchers, local city governments, and other community agencies.
  5. Work at least one van shift per week within four months of hire.
  6. Attend other meetings related to the operation and management of the CAHOOTS and CAHOOTS Metro programs.
  7. Provide some presentations on the CAHOOTS program to outside agencies.
  8. Program correspondence, typing and form design.
  9. Regular presence in the office during business hours.
  10. Participation in program and clinic responsibilities including CAHOOTS program meeting and White Bird Community Meeting and ProCo as needed
  11. Management of other routine business.
  12. Other tasks as assigned.
  13. Reports to CAHOOTS team, White Bird Communications Department, and the Equity Council
  14. Maintain full transparency with CAHOOTS team.
  15. Must complete New Staff Orientation/New Volunteer Training and 6-month probation.

Hours: 16-28/wk

Term Duration: position sunsets every two years and is rehired.

Wage: $18/hr

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