Interim CAHOOTS Clinical Supervision Coordinator

Three years of paid full-time experience in the social services field with at least one year in a paid administrative capacity. Must be certifiable by Lane County as a Qualified Mental Health Professional.

Also Desired:
-Strong interpersonal communication skills.
-Experience with compliance and bureaucratic requirements
-Experience with clinical supervision


  1. Provide additional support and advocacy for CAHOOTS clients including case follow up and coordinated care as needed.
  2. Assist in planning and development of programs and attend meetings related to CAHOOTS.
  3. Develop and maintain written protocols and procedures related to crisis services.
  4. Develop and maintain clinical supervision plan for CAHOOTS crisis workers
  5. Oversee auditing records, data collection and reporting systems related to crisis services.
  6. Provide clinical supervision for the CAHOOTS team members as needed.
  7. Attend and facilitate CAHOOTS debriefings at meetings.
  8. Reports to CAHOOTS team, White Bird Collective, and the Equity Council.
  9. Work at least one van shift per week within four months of hire.
  10. Maintain full transparency with CAHOOTS team.
  11. Must complete New Staff Orientation/New Volunteer Training and 6-month probation period.
  12. Work collaboratively with Cahoots crisis staff to develop CEU requirements and presentations

Hours: 16-28/wk

Term Duration: 6 months

Wage: $22/hr

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