CAHOOTS Internal Advocacy Admin Support

Two years experience in field service. One year’s experience in administrative support or clerical role. Proficiency in word processing and database applications.

Also Desired:
-Experience with non-profit social services
-Strong interpersonal skills
-Experience in activism and organizing.


  1. Facilitate quarterly debriefing, reporting, and opportunity for team feedback for all CAHOOTS admin staff.
  2. Advocate for staff needs and provide a channel for grievances.
  3. Seek professional external support as needed for mediation, facilitation, or supervision.
  4. Create systems of accountability for CAHOOTS staff, including
    a. Admin hours, job duties
    b. Van staff credentials, CEUs, 1st Aid, HIPAA compliance, etc
  5. Program correspondence, typing and form design.
  6. Regular presence in the office.
  7. Participation in program and clinic responsibilities including CAHOOTS program.
  8. Management of other routine business.
  9. Other tasks as assigned.
  10. Must complete New Staff Orientation/New Volunteer Training and 6-month probation period.
  11. Reports to CAHOOTS team
  12. Maintain full transparency with CAHOOTS team.
  13. Must work at least one van shift/week within four months of hire.
  14. Maintain Cahoots P&P manual.

Hours: 4-6/wk

Term Duration: position sunsets every two years and is rehired.

Wage: $18/hr

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