CAHOOTS Community Education Specialist

Preferred two years’ experience in a fully-trained CAHOOTS field service position. Experience in field- and classroom-based education and curriculum development.

Also Desired:
-Experience in training and ongoing education.
-De-escalation training experience
-Familiarity with Columbia Suicide Severity Risk Assessment, other mental health screening tools.


  1. Facilitation and delegation of training and presentation requests from the community at large.
  2. Develop strategy and oversee community education efforts
  3. Engage community partners in collaborative training including EMS, EPD, SPD and county programs.
  4. Work at least one van shift per week within four months of hire.
  5. Participation in program and clinic responsibilities including CAHOOTS program meeting.
  6. Coordinate with Outreach Specialist to assist with community trainings as able
  7. Collaborate on development and maintenance of training materials including and monthly team trainings.
  8. Reports to CAHOOTS team.
  9. Maintain full transparency with CAHOOTS team.
  10. Must complete New Staff Orientation/New Volunteer Training and 6-month probation period.

Hours: 12-16/wk

Term Duration: position sunsets every two years and is rehired.

Wage: $18/hr

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