Now Hiring: NEST Program Coordinator

This position will be hired for 20hrs/wk (0.5 FTE equivalent) at a pay rate of $18/hr. White Bird employees are eligible for health benefits at 30 hours/week at the clinic in any combination of paid positions.


  1. Coordinate NEST Case Management services including managing staffing, service delivery, and administration of the program.
  2. Serve as program liaison with the human service networks, local social service agencies and grant providers.
  3. Develop and maintain relations with funding or monitoring agencies and referral sources.
  4. Oversee data collection and reporting systems.
  5. Act as a liaison between the NEST program and other White Programs to improve client engagement and maximize service delivery.
  6. Develop, maintain, and act as a resource for program policy and procedure as well as representing WB clinic policy as needed.
  7. Coordinate department attendance at AdCo and Community Collective meetings.
  8. Work with the White Bird administrative team to maintain and develop the NEST program.
  9. Work with the Quality Management Team to implement and maintain the White Bird Clinic Quality Management Program Plan and act as a resource within their department for quality assurance.
  10. Participates in and maintains a clear understanding of financial status of department, financial statements, and grant information
  11. Facilitate Homeless Program meetings, prepare agenda, establish clarity around schedules, vacations and leave schedules. Assist with recruiting and hiring for program staff.
  12. Provide/coordinate New Volunteer Training presentations about the Homeless Department.


  1. Minimum of two years of experience in case management, preferably in social services catering to unhoused and low income clients.
  2. Complete New Volunteer Training.
  3. Strong interpersonal communication skills.
  4. Experience in the Human Service field.
  5. A sense of humor.

Note: This position has a 6-month probationary period and reports to the Clinic Co-Coordinators.

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