Registered Nurse

32/hrs weekly

Pay and Benefits:


Job Description:

Nurses at White Bird Medical Clinic fill a variety of roles in a busy primary care setting. Our clinic population largely consists of indigent, low-income, and unhoused patients, and we aim to provide culturally informed services to LGBTQ+ patients. Tasks include triage of unscheduled patients or potential patients, completing nurse visits under established protocols, health education and care coordination, following up on lab results, approving medication refill requests, completing medical records, rooming patients, completing referrals and diagnostics, and assisting providers with treatment-oriented needs as requested.

Pay and Benefits:

This position is being hired for 32 hours/week, and the salary is equivalent to $30/hr. This position qualifies for medical, dental, vision benefits and other staff benefits including vacation and sick pay, CME allowance, 401(k).

Job Description

There are three nurse roles at White Bird Medical Clinic: Back Office Nurse, Triage Nurse, and Chronic Care Coordination (C3) Nurse. These roles have distinct responsibilities, and a gradual training process with competency sign-offs. Nurses employed at WBMC are expected to get signed off on the Back Office Nurse and Triage roles within 6 months of their employment start date. The C3 role requires a higher level of clinical skills and experience, as well as a minimum of 20h/week commitment for patient care continuity. Thus, training in the C3 role requires approval of the assigned probation committee. Nurses work closely together and support each other, and are expected to fill any role they are signed-off on, on any given shift.


Back Office Nurse Role

  1. Perform functions associated with Care Coordination and Care Management including: processing referrals, generating lab orders, contacting patients regarding lab results, approving medication refill requests for non-scheduled medications, and answering phone and in-person questions related to patient care
  2. Complete nurse visits that fall within scope of practice and consult with the physician in the delivery of straight forward medical care
  3. Act as liaison between practice, patient and community medical agencies & diagnostic facilities to ensure quality and continuity of care

Triage Nurse Role

  1. Perform triage function for walk-ins and phone calls. In essence, determine how soon a patient needs to see a provider—how sick are they or could they potentially be.
  2. Where appropriate, make immediate referral to local Emergency Departments with patient report phoned to receiving facility.
  3. Request registration of patients to be seen by physician(s) and ask to obtain record from outside providers that might be of help in physician’s office visit.
  4. Identify and request registration of patients who can receive care through a nurse visit.
  5. Provide advice and resource information to patients with needs that may be met in other White Bird departments or external agencies.

Chronic Care Coordination (C3) Nurse Role

  1. Utilize Chronic Care Nursing Protocols to provide patient visits including a history and physical exam, assessment and plan
  2. Follow standing orders and nursing protocols to order labs, referrals, medications, provide education, support patient goals to improve health
  3. Collaborate with Behavioral Health Coach and Physician
  4. Liaise between practice, patient and community medical agencies & diagnostic facilities to ensure quality and continuity of care
  5. Be a resource to the back office staff for the care of patients with chronic conditions
  6. Provide Care Management for a limited number of high utilization/high risk patients to reduce return rate & ER visits and improve quality of care

All Nurse Roles

  1. Actively contribute to the continuous improvement of procedures, policies and materials affecting the Medical Clinic and its patients
  2. Possess ability and willingness to work in an EMR (electronic) environment and to meet or exceed the documentation requirements required to meet Meaningful Use and other clinical quality benchmarks required by any and all of our grant funders and clinic accepted initiatives
  3. Room patients for and provide support to volunteer providers and ensure that they have completed EMR documentation at the completion of their shifts
  4. Other duties as assigned


  1. Current Oregon RN license
  2. Minimum 2 years experience working as an RN with some experience in the delivery of primary care
  3. Demonstrated ability to work effectively with a diverse population including low/no income, homeless, and LGBTQ+ adults and adolescents
  4. Desire to participate in continuing education
  5. Ability to work effectively with minimal supervision
  6. Strong computer skills.  The ability to send and receive email, write documents in MS Word, look up information on the internet, and use the EHR system
  7. Maintain current BLS and complete annual blood borne pathogen training
  8. Complete White Bird Employee Orientation (NVT)
  9. A sense of humor!


  1. Bilingual in English and Spanish
  2. Bachelor of Science or higher in Nursing
  3. Experience in Public Health Nursing
  4. Experience working with homeless and/or indigent populations
  5. Three or more years experience in primary care medical practice
  6. Knowledge of Chronic Disease processes including but not limited to Diabetes, Hypertension, Asthma, COPD, Hyperlipidemia, and the management of Warfarin
  7. Experience working in a consensus environment


This position reports to the Medical Director.

NOTE: All positions at White Bird Clinic have a 6 month probationary period.


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