Peer Support

20 hrs a week

Pay and Benefits:

$18.00 per hour

Job Description:

  1. Possess strong interpersonal skills
  2. Good planning skills
  3. Must demonstrate a willingness to attend meetings
  4. Possess skills in program development, performance assessment and communication.
  5. Use a computer and keyboard
  6. Possess a valid driver’s license and reliable transportation
  7. Meets requirements for peer support, mental health/substance use recovery support specialist
  8. Complete an AMH approved training program for Peer Support
  9. Familiarity with Electronic Health Records systems a plus
  10. Comply with federal, state and agency and health and safety reporting requirements


  1. Keep accurate records and logs
  2. Must complete peer support training and certification within 3 months
  3. Provide Peer Support services when needed
  4. Become proficient in electronic record keeping
  5. Complete NVT training within 3 months
  6. Complete Basic Crisis training within 9 months
  7. Become First Aid/CPR and Narcan trained within 30 days
  8. Participate in a CAHOOTS ride along within 9 months
  9. Complete a 6-month probation period
  10. Attend at least one department meeting a month for each department
  11. This position reports to peer support coordinator


  1. Coordinate the client with community involvement
  2. Working knowledge of community resources, support services and referral systems to meet clients’ needs and goals
  3. Tailors services and support to meet the complexities and unique needs of peers and their families including cultural and spiritual beliefs and practices
  4. Awareness of the limitations of peer support certification and the ability to recognize and act on the need for assistance
  5. Ability to recognize signs of distress and possible threats of harm to self, others, or community
  6. Uses active listening skills as well as respectful, person-centered, strength-based language in written and verbal interactions with peers, family members, community members and others.
  7. Maintain an attitude reflective of the client’s needs and goals
  8. Deliver services using trauma-informed practices
  9. Willingness to participate in ongoing development of the NEST program

The employment offer will be contingent on an acceptable driving record and criminal background investigation.


You can apply online by filing out the form below or you can download the application packet here and mail it in.

Instructions: Please read job description and summary of the history of White Bird Clinic, then complete this application and submit it to the Clinic by the advertised deadline. Please be sure that you have answered all pertinent questions. Feel free to attach copies of your resume or vita and cover letters, if you wish.

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