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Medical Program Coordinator - Program Development & Data

This position is being hired for 30-40 hours/week.

Pay and Benefits:

$20.08/hr plus benefits including medical/dental/vision insurance and all other applicable benefits outlined in the White Bird P&P manual.

Job Description:

The two Medical Program Coordinators are key administrative staff at the White Bird Medical Clinic. Together they share the responsibility for coordinating the ongoing functions required for White Bird to maintain a medical clinic in compliance with our grants and accepted medical practices. The specific role of the Program Development & Data Coordinator is centered around big picture organizational development, contract review and negotiations, data reporting and stewardship, and liaising with other White Bird programs as well as collaborating agencies in the community.


  • Coordinate and steer program development and strategic planning in line with White Bird’s mission and philosophy, and in collaboration with medical providers and clinical staff.
  • Responsible for reviewing, generating and analyzing data in order to meet internal and external requests, including but not limited to UDS reporting, 340b, grants reporting, CQM initiatives, OPCA initiatives, encounters tracking, QA/QI projects, and to inform staffing and financial decision making.
  • Provide data stewardship, promote staff data literacy, and data driven decisions and processes.
  • Develop and maintain in-depth knowledge of the EHR and population health software, and provide direction and education for clinical staff and Clinical Administrator to ensure accurate reporting.
  • Responsible for reviewing, overseeing, assisting with negotiations of, and ensuring internal and external compliance with contracts with agencies and vendors.
  • Track and predict WBMC financial status in collaboration with program staff, admin team and fiscal coordinator.
  • Point person for communication with external agencies and vendors regarding legal agreements, WBMC services and collaborative projects. Advocating for White Bird’s interests and patients’ needs in these processes, and meaningfully involving clinical staff as necessary.
  • Responsible for WBMC’s compliance with all grant and payer requirements, including HRSA 330h grant, HRSA 340b program, Medicaid, Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs), Medicare/CMS, and any other payers or grants applicable to the medical clinic.
  • Manage Quality Improvement projects; identify and suggest areas of improvement, track projects in PDSA logs, report results to clinic staff and any participating external agencies.
  • Assist the medical director with clinical QA/QI efforts, including chart audit and peer review efforts, and ensure they meet HRSA requirements.
  • Liaise with other White Bird programs, attend Community, ProCo, AdCo, QMT, and other agency meetings as necessary.
  • Lead collaborative efforts with other White Bird programs to establish and improve coordination of services.
  • Develop and maintain in-depth, up to date knowledge of Patient Centered Primary Care Home (PCPCH) requirements and best practices, manage the re-attestation process, and contribute to collaborative efforts to improve services and achieve a higher tier of recognition.
  • Assist with writing, updating, and implementing internal WBMC administrative policies and procedures, and support Clinical Administrator in overseeing staff and program compliance with approved policies.
  • Facilitate program and medical administration meetings.
  • Support accountability & policy ProCo and office manager to manage clinic staff, including remediating performance issues and mediating conflicts.

Required qualifications

  • Master of Public Health/Master of Public Administration degree AND 1 year’s experience in nonprofit/public sector administrative roles with leadership responsibilities.


  • Bachelor’s degree AND 3 years’ experience in health center/social services administration with leadership responsibilities.
  • Commitment to providing culturally appropriate health care services to underserved and homeless populations.
  • Demonstrated understanding of humanistic, client-centered, and harm reduction approaches, and commitment to providing leadership which upholds this philosophy.
  • Demonstrated ability to think strategically, manage complex long-term projects, and engage in creative problem-solving.
  • Experience reviewing and negotiating contracts.
  • Strong advocacy and negotiation skills.
  • Experience with grant management.
  • Organizational financial management and budgeting experience.
  • Familiar with quality improvement/assurance principles and processes, population health, and clinical quality measures.
  • Proficient in data analysis, data visualization, generating reports and understanding complex databases.
  • High level proficiency in Office 365, especially Excel, Teams, Outlook, and other productivity-based applications.
  • Familiar with medical records documentation requirements and willingness to develop in-depth and up to date knowledge of best practices.
  • Ability to provide collaborative leadership and effective relationship management.
  • Exceptional reading comprehension, written communication skills, and attention to detail.
  • Strong verbal communication, public speaking, and active listening skills.
  • Experience of and/or willingness to work in a consensus environment.

 Preferred qualifications

  • Program development and strategic planning experience.
  • Experience working with Electronic Health Records software.
  • Familiarity with FQHC requirements, UDS reporting, and PCPCH/PCMH standards.


This position reports to the Clinic Co-Coordinators.

All positions at White Bird Clinic are subject to a 6 month probationary period.


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