Crisis Counselor | White Bird Clinic

Crisis Counselor

Part Time (20 hours per-week)

Pay and Benefits:

$15/hr while training/Pay increase when fully trained.

Job Description:


  1. 3 years of experience, education and/or training in crisis intervention or mental health.
  2. QMHP or QMHA eligible.
  3. Training skills and experience.
  4. Supervision skills and experience.
  5. Reception skills and experience.
  6. A sense of humor.
  7. Reports to program coordinator and the Crisis team.
  8. Successful completion of criminal background check with fingerprinting through State Mental Health Division process.


  1. Shared responsibilities for proper staffing and coverage for all reception & crisis shifts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, plus working shifts as needed.
  2. Shared supervision of all crisis work to assure quality of intervention, counseling, and information and referral services, plus proper documentation of services, and reception duties as needed.
  3. Training responsibilities including both formal class work and on-going on-the-job training and debriefing.
  4. Liaison with other service providers to coordinate information and service delivery.
  5. Assumption of a secondary area of responsibility.
  6. Participation in program and clinic responsibilities including crisis business and debriefing meetings.


  1. Must be available for weekend and overnight shifts.
  2. Successful completion of New Volunteer training, including becoming desk trained.
  3. Becoming Crisis Trained within 3 months.
  4. Becoming Shift Supervisor within 12-15 months.
  5. Take Basic and/or Advanced crisis class.
  6. Have a telephone.
  7. Be a strong team player.
  8. Be responsible for the required paperwork.
  9. Maintain First Aid/CPR certification.


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