IT Systems Administrator

As part of the White Bird IT Team, this position is responsible for the planning, maintenance, and support of the technology which supports White Bird’s programs and services.


Technical Responsibilities:

  1. Build/maintain Windows computers and servers in a medium size network.
  2. Install/maintain networking hardware.
  3. Maintain NEC and XS Media phone system and provide end user support.
  4. Support desktop users with technical assistance and/or documentation.
  5. Communicate project status and results to all involved parties for all support requests.
  6. Be available by cell phone and/or email to address emergencies.
  7. Implement/maintain network and data security in a HIPAA environment.
  8. Manage/maintain backups.
  9. Manage/maintain Office 365 environment.
  10. Recommend new technology solutions to help meet agency goals.

Administrative Responsibilities:

  1. Take a leadership role in assisting the White Bird Administrative Team with strategic planning and support achievement of agency IT goals.
  2. Manage IT related projects and represent the Clinic in projects requiring interfacing with outside IT professionals.
  3. Communicate clearly and regularly with all IT project stakeholders.
  4. As a member of the Admin Team, hold the White Bird perspective by monitoring and keeping agency vibes clean and assist the Community Collective in its response.
  5. Attend IT and clinic meetings (Admin, hiring, AdCo and Community) as determined by IT staff rotation.
  6. Share in other duties as needed to support the agency.


  1. Two years of experience in a Windows environment including both desktop and server operating systems.
  2. Two years of experience in end user support.
  3. Ability to build/maintain a TCP/IP network and Active Directory.
  4. Good writing skills and ability to document procedure/work flow.
  5. Complete New Employee Orientation (NVT).
  6. Must be able to pass federally required background check.
  7. Ability to communicate effectively with a wide variety of people with differing levels of technological knowledge (translate High Geek into English).


  1. BS in Computer Science or equivalent degree/certification/experience.
  2. Time management and prioritization skills
  3. Experience with hardware purchasing and vendor management.
  4. Experience with Unifi networking hardware.
  5. Experience with Fortinet Fortigate firewall appliances.
  6. Experience managing department or project budgets.
  7. Experience with VMWare.
  8. Experience with NextGen EHR, Daisy, TigerView, AccPac, FileMaker, or other production database applications.
  9. Knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server.
  10. Familiarity with firewall technologies.
  11. Familiarity with web design.
  12. Ability to work effectively with minimal supervision.
  13. Experience working in a consensus environment.

Note: This position has a 6-month probationary period and reports to the Admin Team.

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