Interim Medical Program Coordinator


The aim of this position is to provide leadership and direction to improve existing systems and resources at the medical clinic; to represent the Medical Program in the local professional and planning communities; to develop closer coordination between the Medical and other White Bird programs; and to seek additional backing in order to sustain and expand White Bird’s capacity to deliver medical services to underserved populations in our community.


  • Program Buck stopper- Coordinate ongoing functions required for White Bird Clinic to maintain an allopathic medical clinic in compliance with our grants and accepted medical clinic practices.
  • Strategic Planning – Oversee Medical Program development and future planning.
  • Project Compliance and Reporting Management – Project Management (PM) and train others in PM skills for complex projects at Medical (i.e.: PCPCH Recognition, Meaningful Use Certification, etc.)
  • Finance – Track and predict Program financial status, including P&L and balance sheet.
    Work with program staff and Clinic/Community to maximize efficiency of program resources.
  • Grant Applications – Grants: Research opportunities, write proposals, review Admin drafts, and make sure Program is in compliance with requirements.
  • Revenue Generation – Provide oversight and direction of revenue streams, insurance billing, and maintenance of EPM patient records.
  • QI Oversight – Program’s Quality Assurance Officer (PCPCH). Working with the Program’s Clinical Quality Advocate [new job responsibility for Medical Director] will develop and prioritize quality initiatives for the Program.
  • FQHC: Keep up to date on requirements for maintaining White Bird Medical Clinic’s FQHC status.
  • White Bird Collective – Liaison with other White Bird Programs.
  • Local Politics – Represent the Program and the Clinic in CCO/Coordinated Care Meetings both in the Clinic and in the Community.
  • HIPAA – Medical Program HIPAA Security Officer (MU)
  • Program Management – Coordinate the Medical Administrative meeting to steer program development and population-based healthcare management (PCPCH)
  • Transition management and Stability – Once hired, train the new Medical Program Coordinator and Medical Operations Coordinator in effectively managing a program at White Bird and in the details of the White Bird Medical Clinic.


  1. Five (5) years of experience in progressively more responsible human service or medical administrative positions.
  2. Three (3) years of experience in a primary care medical care clinic.
  3. Extensive knowledge of Federally Qualified Health Center management
  4. Working knowledge of PCPCH, Meaningful Use, Population Based Healthcare, PDSA Quality Assurance Framework, and Metrics based management techniques.
  5. Extensive knowledge of NextGen EHR/EPM
  6. Strong project management, attention to detail, written and oral communication skills
  7. Proven leadership and relationship management skills
  8. Ability to work independently and to a deadline
  9. Patience, intelligence, communication skills and a sense of humor
  10. Complete new employee orientation –employee must complete NVT and become “Desk Trained” at the 341 E. 12th Avenue, Eugene location and will be responsible for desk shift coverage.


  1. Experience in working in a consensus environment
  2. Bi-lingual English and Spanish
  3. Knowledge of White Bird History

This position is being hired for 30 hours a week at program coordinator pay and will report to the Medical Director and Clinic Coordinators. Six-month probation period.

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