Now Hiring: Director of Consultation

Qualifications: Experience in program development and related consulting with communities looking to replicate White Bird Clinic services. At least one year’s experience in national media relations and large group public speaking, consulting, and outreach with community organizations, political leaders, and public safety infrastructure.

Job Duties

  • Solicit and manage consultation requests.
  • Support and/or facilitate presentations, site visits, field and classroom training, and program development seminars in collaboration with relevant agency staff.
  • Develop project budgets and consultation quotes. Coordinate with Fiscal department on invoicing and receipt of income.
  • Build and maintain relationships with local, national, and international coalitions and advocacy groups.
  • Collaborate with community leaders and politicians on legislation and initiatives at local and national level.
  • Engagement in WB Clinic Consumer Advisory Board.
  • Presence as speaker at relevant conferences and/or support of agency staff attending for presentations, pursue additional speaking opportunities for agency representatives.
  • Work closely with Fiscal, Fundraising, Executive staff, and ProCos on identifying opportunities for diversified program funding, support donor relations.
  • Technical advisory support for existing programs in other cities.
  • Engagement in and support of local community outreach for WB Clinic operations.
  • Support of clinic department special projects planning and implementation.
  • Support development of training resources and educational opportunities for WB staff.
  • Reports to White Bird Clinic Core Admin Team.
  • Must complete 6-month probation.

Hours: 40/week

Pay: This is an hourly rate position, pay is dependent on experience.

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