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PenFed Credit Union Presents $4,000 Donation to White Bird Clinic

EUGENE, Ore., Oct. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — PenFed Credit Union’s Eugene Service Center today announced it presented a $4,000 donation to White Bird Clinic, a nonprofit organization that provides affordable and friendly medical care to indigent, homeless, low-income, and otherwise marginalized populations, such as community members who are employed but uninsured or underinsured.

“White Bird Clinic’s reputation in the community is unparalleled, and they fill a critical gap with the medical and mental health services they provide to underserved populations in Lane County,” said PenFed’s Senior Vice President of Operations Chris Martin, who manages the Eugene Service Center. “On behalf of all PenFed employees, we want to thank all of them for all they do to support our community.”

White Bird Clinic has been giving back to the Eugene community since 1970 and offers a wide range of programs and services that are committed to providing client-centered and humanistic approaches to human services. Their highly qualified medical, mental health, and behavioral health professionals strive to meet each person where they are at and empower them to regain control of their own well-being.

For the check presentation, PenFed employees visited White Bird Clinic’s new dental office construction site located at 1415 Pearl Street in Eugene. During the visit, employees met with White Bird staff, including Crisis Office Manager Loretta McNally. The group touring the clinic learned that once completed, the office will have 12 dental chairs and allow increased dental care access for families.

“White Bird Clinic depends upon partners like PenFed Credit Union in order to respond to critical needs. PenFed’s generous support allows White Bird to do more for our community’s most vulnerable members,” said White Bird Clinic Executive Coordinator Chris Hecht.

The donation is part of PenFed’s commitment to giving over $100,000 to nonprofit organizations in the Eugene area this year, selecting local charities that align with the credit union’s core values of giving back and making a difference in the communities PenFed serves.

Since opening the service center in Eugene in 1996, PenFed has supported local veteran and community organizations and contributed over 2,000 volunteer hours and over $400,000 to charitable organizations throughout Lane County. PenFed has grown its Eugene-based workforce by 23% over the past decade and provides training at the entry level to increase skills for career growth.

About PenFed Credit Union
Established in 1935, Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed) is America’s second-largest federal credit union, serving 1.8 million members worldwide with $24.5 billion in assets. PenFed Credit Union offers market-leading certificates, checking, credit cards, personal loans, mortgages, auto loans, student loans, and a wide range of other financial services with members’ interests always in mind. PenFed Credit Union is federally insured by the NCUA and is an Equal Housing Lender. 

SOURCE PenFed Credit Union

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Sweet Cheeks Fundraiser Promo

An Evening in the Vineyard with White Bird

Join us for an Evening in the Vineyard with White Bird at Sweet Cheeks Winery on September 21st from 6 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. $35 tickets include a glass of wine and appetizers, silent auction, and live music from Mark Alan.

Buy Now

Some of the auction prizes include:

Other Gift Sponsors:

  • Shanna Trumbly
  • Euphoria Chocolate
  • Hult Center
  • Benton-Lane Winery
  • Cornucopia
  • The Science Factory
  • Abecela Winery
  • Tattoo by Nick Porter
  • Sundance
  • The Duck Store
  • Falling Sky
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Plank Town
  • Cornbread cafe
  • Hop Valley
  • WOW Hall
  • BRING Recycling
  • Capella’s Market
  • Tracy and Keim Chiropractic
  • Excelsior Inn Ristorante
  • Wild Light Yoga
  • Onsen Spa Rentals
  • White Raven Art
  • 2 Towns Ciderhouse

Please contact for more information.

Make a Difference: Join our Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Team

White Bird Clinic invites you to help make a difference in the community by becoming a Peer to Peer Fundraiser. You can help to grow and expand programs that provide help and hope to vulnerable populations in need.

What is Peer-to-Peer Fundraising?

Peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising allows our supporters to become advocates and fundraise on our behalf. P2P fundraisers reach new networks in creative ways that carry our message and mission to new audiences.

How can I become a P2P Supporter?

It’s easy! Complete a P2P form for the project(s) of your choosing and we will create a custom web page for you to share on social media and in email. Exponentially quantify your impact by reaching out friends and family to ask for their support to help us build a healthy and strong community for all.

To begin, choose a campaign image below to learn about the programs we are working to fund. When you’ve selected the program you want to fundraise for, scroll to the bottom of the page and choose the “Become a Fundraiser” link to get started.




Could I see some examples?

Sure! Mary and Gabe Phayt are raising money for CAHOOTS. Take a look at our Clinic Coordinator’s page here and our Dental Program Coorindator’s page here.

Donate Now

Not ready for P2P yet? Donate now as an individual or business instead

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White Bird Clinic Celebrates Fifty Years with Major Expansion

In 1969, a group of student activists and concerned practitioners founded White Bird Clinic to provide crisis services and free medical care to counter-culture youth in Eugene. Having grown continuously for fifty years, White Bird now has ten programs, 200 staff members, and more than 400 volunteers.

To celebrate our fiftieth, we’re growing our programs, demonstrating our commitment to serving low income, under-resourced community members. In response to burgeoning community need, White Bird is expanding medical, dental, crisis, and CAHOOTS services.

White Bird has a fifty-year track record of identifying, assessing, and responding to community need by leveraging our existing resources. We respond rapidly and effectively by building on existing, successful programs. Our expansion consists of:

  1. Opening a new medical walk-in clinic for individuals who are low-income and/or homeless and uninsured. The clinic, below the existing primary care clinic, will provide an alternative for patients experiencing an acute issue who lack health insurance, diverting a great number of emergency room visits.
  2. Enlarging the dental program to increase its capacity to serve patients by nearly 75%. White Bird is renovating the building at 1415 Pearl St. into a clinic that will also provide denture care for elderly patients and serve more children and families.
  3. Increasing access to crisis services by moving the crisis program to 990 W 7th Ave., adjacent to the Whitaker neighborhood. The new crisis center will house the 24/7 crisis line phone service as well as walk-in services in a trauma-informed space intended to minimize environmental triggers that may be re-traumatizing.
  4. Expanding the hours and geographic coverage of CAHOOTS mobile crisis services, which responded to over 21,000 calls in 2018, saving an estimated $6M in emergency medical services costs alone.

In order to serve more folks in need, White Bird is taking a risk by growing many different programs at once, and we’re turning to the community for support and partnership. Please call 541.342.8255 or donate to support the project of your choice.

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Cleveland Chicken

The Cleveland Chicken team, a 49 year old WBC fundraiser, will be BBQing chicken, as well as offering, chicken sausages, corn on the cob, lemonade and watermelon all three days of the County Fair, right outside W C Fields stage, do come.

White Bird at Fair

White Bird’s RockMed operates two first aid stations, one near Main Stage (Big Bird) and one in Xavanadu (Little Wing). White Bird is staffed 24 hours a day until Monday at 3pm, including several doctors around the clock, and nurses, EMTs, paramedics, and teams roving throughout the site that can be dispatched to incidents by radio. White Bird has been on site at the Oregon Country Fair for 50 years.

In an emergency go to the nearest Information Booth. If you cannot find one, ask at the nearest craft or food booth for directions. Each Information Booth can quickly contact emergency services.

PHOTO Credit Brian Bull / KLCC


A Talk With Wren Arrington On White Bird Clinic’s OCF Services
  JUL 12, 2018

White Bird Clinic And Oregon Country Fair Nearing Half-Century Mark
By BRIAN BULL • JUL 12, 2018

Help us open a new medical walk-in clinic!

To celebrate our fiftieth, we’re growing our programs, demonstrating our commitment to serving low income, under-resourced community members. In response to burgeoning community need, White Bird is opening a new medical walk-in clinic for individuals who are low-income and/or homeless and uninsured. The clinic, below the existing primary care clinic, will provide an alternative for patients experiencing an acute issue who lack health insurance, diverting a great number of emergency room visits.

Doc Ann’s Essay: White Bird at Fair 🍑

by Rock Medicine’s Medical Director, Dr Ann Cooley

“Can I give you a hug?”  This makes me pause for a moment.  You see I’m not really used to this kind of response from my patients.  As a full-time Emergency Medicine Physician, most of my patients are usually pretty scared and upset from waiting by the time they meet me, and understandably they don’t really feel like hugging.  But that’s not the case here in this dirt-floored clinic in the middle of the Oregon Country Fair.  Here I just put my medical skills to the test removing a large splinter from the hand of a young woman wearing a unicorn leotard, rainbow tutu, lime green fishnets, and glitter.  She pays me with a hug and a thank you, and it feels just as good as actually saving a life.

Rock Medicine at OCFSeveral years ago, I took over as the Medical Director for White Bird’s Rock Medicine program.  We are a fundraising arm for the clinic, and the work we do helps support many of the amazing programs White Bird provides in Eugene and Springfield.  We are a small army of volunteers who attend concerts and festivals throughout the year to help people have a safer party.  Unlike most event medicine programs, we are more than a couple of medics waiting at the back of the crowd.  We are a veritable army of crisis and medical professionals who volunteer our time to care for folks who sustain everything from minor bumps and bruises to dehydration to severe trauma.

My second patient of the day is having shortness of breath.  His long grey hair and beard are equal length, and he’s wearing an OCF staff shirt from when I was in high school.  I give him a breathing treatment, and we laugh about the fact that he does this every year even though he knows the dust will be terrible.  “Some old dogs have no interest in new tricks,” he tells me.  I encourage him to come back at any time.  The day progresses like this with a constant stream of bumps, bruises, and reminders to all who walk by to drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen.  The usual reply to this is, “We love you White Bird!” and while I’m hot and tired my heart is full.

Rock Medicine Booth at OCFMy final patient of the night is a young man.  I don’t know his name because every time we ask, he begins to laugh hysterically and then scream.  It appears he took his party a little too far tonight, and now comes the long journey back down to earth.  In my normal job, I wouldn’t have much choice but to give him medications to calm him down, and I have that option here too, but here at Oregon Country Fair on either side of him sits a crisis worker.  They have just started to sing to him, and they are reassuring him that he’s safe.  He smiles, lays down, and begins a long conversation about interdimensional time travel, and I know he’s going to be just fine.

As we approach the 50th year of the Oregon Country Fair, I am once again preparing to move my medical practice out of the state-of-the-art hospital and into a makeshift exam room.  I’ll be surrounded by hundreds of volunteers who set aside their July weekend every year to come take care of everyone who walks in.  All of our hard work will help raise money to help White Bird continue its amazing programs throughout the rest of the year, and while I love the ability to help with that, mostly I’m looking forward to getting paid in hugs.

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RockMed All Night Long

Jill Heiman Vision Fund Helps White Bird Clinic Provide Cold Weather Gear

Living on the streets is even harder without a sleeping bag. Thanks to a generous donation from the Jill Heiman Vision Fund, White Bird Clinic greatly increased our supply of cold weather gear during the coldest months of 2017-2018. When the weather turns to rain and sleet, unhoused residents of Lane County come to our clinic seeking warm clothing and bedding. We used funds to bulk order some of our most requested items.

Tarps, sleeping bags, socks, gloves, and hats are vital for people living outdoors in cold weather. White Bird collects donated items every year from community partners and supporters, but these unfortunately are never quite enough to meet community need. The Jill Heiman funds enabled us to buy items efficiently, in large quantities. We purchased 480 tarps, 320 sleeping bags, 2,550 pairs of socks, 240 pairs of gloves, and 240 knit winter hats. Most of these items have already been dispersed to folks in need, and the remaining stock will be depleted well before the cold weather ends.

Three of our departments distributed the grant funded purchases. Front Rooms, a respite and light day use resource in Eugene, distributed most of the items. Case managers from the Homeless department accessed gear for their clients. Some supplies, particularly sleeping bags, were distributed by CAHOOTS (Crisis Assistance Helping Out on the Streets), White Bird’s mobile crisis service. The people who received gear were mostly unhoused residents in neighborhoods on the east side of Eugene, though some reached people in the greater Eugene/Springfield metro area.

White Bird is a collective environment organized to enable people to gain control of their social, emotional and physical well-being through direct service, education and community. We greatly appreciate the kind and expedient support we’ve received from the Jill Heiman Fund both for this project, and in the past. You helped us provide critically needed winter wear for Lane County’s unhoused and underserved community members.

Many thanks to the Jill Heiman Fund Committee and our beloved Fair Family!