Accounts Receivable Specialist

The Accounts Receivable Specialist will work within the Fiscal Department and be responsible for
two key areas: Accounts receivable and Liaison between the Fiscal department and the billing department(s).

The position will include 20 hours per week of charge and payment entry, analyzing aging reports.

Pay and Benefits:

This position is being hired for 0.5 FTE, up to 20 hours a week at $18/hr


  1. Posts receipts to NextGen PM (A/R data, insurance payments, etc.)
  2. Provide reporting on program encounter/billing data from NextGen PM for Fiscal Department
  1. As a member of the fiscal/accounting team to track revenue flows accurately within the
    accounting system (SAGE) from the billing system (NextGen)
  2. Liaison between program billing staff and fiscal team on revenue cycle management at Fiscal/Program requests
  3. Account write-off management with approval Program Coordinator or designate, write off bad-debt from NextGen PM,
    generate and review aging reports
  4. Ensure that revenue accounting and reporting activities are coordinated with the monthly close process and schedule,
    including a review and reconciliation of recognized revenue against actual and budgeted billings and budgeted revenue.
  5. Work with and communicate efficiently with a diverse staff population and situations while maintaining a professional and courteous attitude.
  6. Complete confidentially agreement
  7. Complete new employee orientation


  1. College level coursework in accounting
  2. Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite including Excel
  3. Experience with general accepted accounting practices
  4. Detail oriented
  5. Ability to work independently
  6. Ability to work to a deadline
  7. Strong Communication Skills
  8. Sense of Humor


  1. Medical Office Experience
  2. Knowledge of Medical Office/Nextgen EHR and Practice Management software
  3. Knowledge of SAGE accounting platforms or similar systems


This position reports to the Fiscal Program Coordinator

NOTE: All positions at White Bird Clinic have a minimum 6-month probationary period.

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