Rock Medicine

Rock Medicine is White Bird Clinic’s largest ongoing fundraising efforts.  Each summer our highly trained staff volunteers their time at events to provide services for event goers while raising money to support the individuals served by White Bird Clinic’s programs in Lane County.

White Bird has been providing event coverage for over 42 years, ranging from small local events to major 3-day concerts with a gate of 45,000 each day to an annual 5 day festival serving about 60,000 people in total.  We offer medical and crisis coverage which includes all medical, mental health, substance abuse and first aid services short of those requiring ambulance and/or hospital response.

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We provide ALS level of service, and come equipped for Airway support, I.V.’s, Cardiac monitoring and heart resuscitation, portable AED’s, jump kit for I.V. start in the field, Nitro, Nebs, Suturing, etc. We are very experienced in dealing with intoxicated and/or disoriented individuals, and have both physical and chemical restraint capability as last resort.

White Bird Clinic

We supply all essential medications, medical equipment, transport resources (except golf cart), and both medical and general supplies needed to perform the job. We also bring some comfort supplies (analgesics, sunscreen, ear plugs, etc.) to support the guests who forget to pack sensibly.

All of our staff hold credentials appropriate to their field, including Oregon-licensed Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, EMT’s, Licensed Professional Counselors, Qualified Mental Health Professionals, Certified Crisis Workers, Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors, etc. Each of our staff has individual malpractice coverage, and White Bird Clinic carries additional coverage for vicarious exposure for events such as these. Our coordinating team has over 125 years of experience with event coverage.

We can provide either Doc-lead or Medic-lead (under Doctor’s Standing Orders) services, depending on the nature of the event and the budget available for these services.

In addition to the main medical tent, we can set-up a triage stations (staffed only during the “show”), and/or roving or response teams, again coordinated with the event staff. When responding to the field we work in teams to increase patient and staff safety, to have both medical and crisis expertise on each response, and to allow for continuous communication throughout the intervention.

Our goal is to support the event and its participants in creating a safe, fun and positive experience for all. Ideally all incidents are dealt with at the venue and do not require transport off-site, which is best for the event, the venue, the local community and, of course, the partygoers.