Performance Team Coordinator

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This position, as a member of White Bird Clinic Core Administrative Team, oversees and improves performance activities including clinical outcomes, patient/client and staff experience, and cost. This person will improve White Bird Clinic’s status as a Federally Qualified Health Center, represent the clinic in relevant local, statewide, and national professional and planning communities, develop closer coordination between White Bird programs, and seek additional backing in order to sustain and expand White Bird’s capacity to deliver services to those in need.

20-30 hours per week.

Pay and Benefits:

$15.06 per hour

Job Description:


Program Design and Program Performance

  1. Participate in program design in partnership with Program Coordinators, the Administrative Team, and the Community Collective.
  2. Develop strong working relationships to foster improvement. Work with leaders and staff to develop, align, and implement strategic and operational improvements. Collaborate with counterparts and colleagues from across the system to inform the development of system-standard work processes.
  3. Provide leadership and coaching of performance improvement initiatives. Contribute to the adaptation and adoption of system-standard mindset, management systems, and methods to enable the organization to accelerate improvement.
  4. Lead the design of standardized work processes and remove unnecessary complexity. Lead operational root cause analysis.
  5. Work closely with electronic record systems and IT support to select and analyze data required for sustained improvement. Educate White Bird Clinic leadership and staff in the interpretation of data. Select and support improvement-tracking metrics and coach Performance Team on metric focused and data driven improvement activities.

Grant Support and Regulatory Compliance

  1. Support grant research and applications, reporting, clinical changes and opportunities, and provide assurance of grant and regulatory compliance.
  2. Assure clinic structure and processes facilitate maximum efficiency of care coordination between programs.
  3. Maintain, improve, and expand FQHC associated benefits, including NHSC eligibility, enhanced Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, medical malpractice through the Federal Tort Claims Act, clinic eligibility for 340B, Oregon State Wrap payments, and other federal grants and programs
  4. Assure maintenance of improvement project logs and track Program’s ongoing QA/QI projects, in partnership with the clinic’s Chief Medical Officer and Quality Management Team.

Leadership and Coordination of Work Teams

  1. Participate in both strategic and tactical planning for the Clinic.
  2. Provide Project Management and train others in PM skills for complex projects
  3. Coordinate work groups and committees related to performance and quality improvement, including HIPAA and Risk Management staff, and the Quality Management Team. Coordinate the Boat Meeting to steer FQHC program development, population based health management, and care coordination.
  4. Create and support environments that foster and support collective organizational structure and consensus-based decision making and processes.
  5. Monitor complaints and incidents, and their resolutions.
  6. Arrange for behavioral health and clinical staff to have access to supervision and support as needed.


  1. Five (5) years of experience in progressively more responsible human service, mental health, or medical administrative positions; OR relevant combination of education/experience.
  2. Completion of a four-year college level program in Public Health Administration and one (1) year of associated experience; OR relevant combination of education/experience.
  3. Extensive knowledge of Federally Qualified Health Center management, population based healthcare, quality assurance tools, and metrics setting techniques
  4. Patience, intelligence, communication skills and a sense of humor
  5. Strong project management, attention to detail, written and oral communication skills
  6. Proven leadership and relationship management skills
  7. Ability to work independently and to a deadline
  8. Complete new employee orientation/NVT


  1. Experience in working in a consensus environment
  2. Bi-lingual English and Spanish

NOTE: This position has a 6 month minimum probationary period.


You can apply online by filing out the form below or you can download the application packet here and mail it in.

Instructions: Please read job description and summary of the history of White Bird Clinic, then complete this application and submit it to the Clinic by the advertised deadline. Please be sure that you have answered all pertinent questions. Feel free to attach copies of your resume or vita and cover letters, if you wish.

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