IT Systems and Desktop Support

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We are currently looking to hire 2 IT folks to fill a total of 55 hours per week. As part of the White Bird IT Team, this position is responsible for the planning, maintenance, and support of the technology which supports White Bird's programs and services.

15-40 hours per week

Pay and Benefits:

$15.87 per hour plus holidays, sick and vacation time. Medical/dental insurance at 30 hours per week or more.

Job Description:

Planning & Coordination Responsibilities:

  1. Take a leadership role in assisting the White Bird Administrative Team with strategic planning and support achievement of agency IT goals.
  2. Recommend new technology solutions required to meet agency goals. Assess products, test with existing systems, and evaluate for adoption. Recommend changes in business operations to effectively utilize new IT resources.
  3. Manage IT related projects and represent the Clinic in projects requiring interfacing with outside IT professionals.
  4. Oversee White Bird’s Electronic Systems Security and make sure the Clinic meets all contractual and governmental requirements (HIPAA, etc.).
  5. Provide technical support to clinic staff on the purchase and use of IT resources.
  6. Provide the White Bird collective with an informed resource regarding current IT directions, understanding production databases and web applications, and keeping staff with limited IT knowledge out of trouble.
  7. Communicate clearly and regularly with all IT project stakeholders.

Technical Responsibilities:

  1. Build and/or maintain desktop and laptop resources of around 100 computers, 5 servers, firewalls, routers, switches, VPNs, network and local printers, and a host of other systems. This will include applying firmware, OS, and software updates, updating antivirus definitions, and diagnosing/fixing hardware & software issues.
  2. Diagnose connectivity and routing issues both locally and across the network.
  3. Maintain NEC phone system and assist users in understanding how to best use this resource.
  4. Support desktop users with technical assistance and/or documentation.
  5. Communicate project status and results to all involved parties for all support requests.
  6. Be available by cell phone and/or email to address emergency technology issues
  7. Be responsible for computer security within the clinic. This will include making sure that the clinic’s computers are running up-to-date antivirus software and insuring that our confidential data is securely encrypted when shared between departments and outside agencies.
  8. Manage and maintain backups, providing regular reports of their status.
  9. Document and train staff in computer-related tasks and procedures.
  10. Assess new technologies – select, test with existing systems, and evaluate them for adoption. Recommend changes in business operations to effectively utilize system resources.

Administrative Responsibilities:

  1. Complete New Employee Orientation (NVT).
  2. As a member of the Admin Team, hold the White Bird perspective, share in program development and planning and in identifying and focusing attention on emergent issues/problems, and assist the Community Collective in its response. Additionally, attend clinic meetings (program, hiring, AdCo and Community) as determined by the department and assist in fundraising efforts, information-sharing, monitoring and keeping agency vibes clean, and troubleshooting. Also back-up the work of the other Admin positions.
  3. Work with the IT team in order to assist with strategic planning and achievement of agency IT goals.
  4. Share in other duties as needed to support the agency.


  1. Two years of experience in PC Systems Administration in a Windows environment including both Windows Desktop and Server operating systems (Windows 7, Server 2008R2, Server 2013, etc.).
  2. Two years of experience in supporting PC users with common small business software including Microsoft Office and FileMaker Pro.
  3. Ability to communicate effectively with a wide variety of people with differing levels of technological knowledge (translate High Geek into English).
  4. Ability to build maintain a TCP/IP network.


  1. B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent degree/certification/experience.
  2. Well-proven time management skills while remaining flexible in responding to changing client and/or organizational needs.
  3. Experience with telephone systems and PC purchasing.
  4. A+ Certification or comparable experience.
  5. Experience in making a little money go a long way.
  6. Working knowledge of hardware and software needed to support NextGen EHR, OWITS, Daisy, AccPac, or other production database applications.
  7. Active Directory expertise.
  8. Understanding of DNS and related technologies.
  9. Knowledge of SQL Server 2005/2008R2/2012.
  10. Familiarity with firewall and switching technologies.
  11. Familiarity with web design and mobile application design.
  12. Ability to work effectively with minimal supervision.
  13. Experience working in a consensus environment.

Note: This position has a 6-month probationary period and reports to the Admin Team.


You can apply online by filing out the form below or you can download the application packet here and mail it in.

Instructions: Please read job description and summary of the history of White Bird Clinic, then complete this application and submit it to the Clinic by the advertised deadline. Please be sure that you have answered all pertinent questions. Feel free to attach copies of your resume or vita and cover letters, if you wish.

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